Global Terrorism is a reality. Terrorist attacks involving explosives and weapons of mass destruction are real threats. To maintain an edge over terrorist organizations requires strategic planning, private/public sector partnerships, technology integration, perpetual training, and policy implementation with regulation to protect sensitive but unclassified information.

American Innovations, Inc. provides turnkey solutions to government and military agencies, defense contractors, system integrators, corporations, and venues. Our ability to safeguard people, facilities, and assets is achieved with strategic planning, technology integration, and effective policy implementation. Creating a safer world through awareness, innovation, training, and protection of sensitive information is our mission.
AI Mission Statement

Learn how American Innovations, Inc can help safeguard people, facilities, and/or assets.


handheld spotlight


As seen in Popular Science Magazine.

The new TB-100 and TB-100W are spotlights with a highly concentrated light beam which can penetrate rain, tinted windows, and more. With an impressive range of up to 250 yards, the American Innovations, Inc. handheld spot light can operate for up to five (5) hours on only three (3) AA batteries


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